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By Gentle Dental Care
April 15, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures
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When was the last time you saw your dentist for a checkup?

Life gets busy. We get it! But it should never get so busy that you forget to see your dentist. It is time for you to turn to Dr. Ronald Hull in Elkhorn, WI, for your routine teeth cleaning. After all, these six-month checkups are truly the best way to keep your smile healthy.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

When you come into the office for your six-month checkup here’s what to expect:

  • A thorough professional cleaning using specialized tools that will fully remove plaque and tartar buildup, while also removing surface stains
  • A comprehensive oral examination to make sure that your teeth look healthy and that there aren’t any issues
  • An oral cancer screening to evaluate the soft tissue of the mouth to look for lesions, patches, and other warning signs of oral cancer
  • Once a year we will perform X-rays to get a more in-depth look at the health of your entire mouth including the face and jaw (it can also detect decay between teeth)
  • We will provide recommendations as necessary. If you grind your teeth at night we may recommend creating a custom nightguard that you’ll wear to protect your teeth while you sleep

How often do I need a dental cleaning?

Most people need to see the dentist twice a year. Smokers, those with active oral health diseases, and pregnant or menopausal women may be more at risk for developing dental issues and may want to come in every 3-4 months for cleanings and checkups. 

If it’s been more than six months since your last routine cleaning, then it’s time to turn to Dr. Ronald Hull in Elkhorn, WI. To schedule your next visit, call (262) 723-2911.


By Gentle Dental Care
March 18, 2022
Category: Dental Procedures

When was the last time you paid Dr. Ronald Hull at Gentle Dental Care in Elkhorn, WI, a visit? If you're like many people, chances are it was more than six months ago. We hear the reasons why people neglect regular dental visits all the time: lack of money or quality dental insurance, busy schedules, and fear. However, your twice-yearly checkups are so important for your dental health and your overall health as well.

You may brush your teeth twice a day and even floss, and your teeth may feel fine, but regular dental checkups aren’t about addressing problems and reacting — they are about cavity prevention. No matter how much you brush and floss, there is still a chance that food or other debris can get lodged between your teeth, and there is also a chance that food and beverages can wear down your tooth enamel in between visits, making your teeth vulnerable to decay.

In addition to thorough teeth cleaning and polishing, these regular visits help us detect and prevent the onset of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. During your visit, we’ll check the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. We’ll also check old fillings and restorations, as these can wear away over time from constant chewing, grinding, or clenching.

It's important to know that the majority of dental problems do not become visible or painful until they are highly advanced. And, unfortunately, serious oral issues are painful and expensive to treat. A deep cleaning twice a year by Dr. Ronald Hull at Gentle Dental Care in Elkhorn, WI, is the best way to hit all the spots you may have missed with brushing and flossing and prevent any problems that may have gone unseen.

Make sure your teeth get the professional attention they deserve! If you’re overdue for your next cleaning, please give us a call to schedule an appointment at 262-723-2911.

By Gentle Dental Care
November 08, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dentures  

Millions of people suffer from tooth loss due to tooth decay or trauma. Tooth loss can have a negative effect on your smile and your self-esteem. Tooth loss often causes people to feel uncomfortable when smiling, speaking, or laughing. In addition, tooth loss makes you less outgoing. For example, if your friends are going out together, you may be tempted to stay home due to your appearance.

Fortunately, you don't have to allow tooth loss to dictate your life. Dr. Ronald Hull of Gentle Dental Care can treat tooth loss using partial dentures in Elkhorn, WI.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are made of a plastic and metal frame that holds one or more false teeth to replace the ones you are missing. The dentures clip into your mouth using the healthy surrounding teeth as an anchor. Partial dentures look like your natural teeth and restore your smile. In addition, partial dentures in Elkhorn, WI are less expensive than dental bridges and dental implants.

How Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Life?

There are several ways that using partial dentures can improve your appearance and your overall well-being.

  • A beautiful smile: Partial dentures will fill in the gaps where you are missing teeth naturally and will restore your smile to its natural beauty.
  • Improved self-esteem: Treating your tooth loss with partial dentures in Elkhorn, WI will improve your smile and improve your self-esteem. When the problem is corrected, you can smile and laugh without feeling embarrassed. Also, you will no longer need to avoid social gatherings because you are afraid of what people will think. After getting partial dentures, you will feel happier and more confident.
  • Prevent your teeth from shifting: When you are missing teeth, the existing teeth will start to shift. This is a serious problem that could lead to more extensive and expensive dental procedures to move your teeth back to their original position.
  • Partial dentures will fill in the gaps, preventing your teeth from shifting. They will also restore your smile now, rather than waiting until you require multiple procedures to restore your smile.
  • Restore the shape of your face: Tooth loss can destabilize your jaw, which can change the shape of your face. When the structure of your jaw starts to fail, your face will begin to sag. Partial dentures will not only restore your smile, but they can also prevent your face from sagging, which can change your entire appearance.

If tooth loss is affecting your appearance and self-esteem, Dr. Hull can help. He can take a mold of your mouth and they will then send it off to have the partial dentures made. Partial dentures are less expensive than a dental bridge and dental implants, making them the more cost-effective option. In addition, the dental implant procedure can take months, and you can have partial dentures in your mouth within a week.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hull at Gentle Dental Care, call (262) 723-2911.

By Gentle Dental Care
October 05, 2021
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Bleeding Gums  

Find out why bleeding gums are a cause for concern.

We often focus so much of our attention on the whiteness of our smile and the health of our teeth that we often forget that we also need to provide our gums with proper care, too. If you notice bleeding gums, particularly when you floss or brush your teeth, the first person you should turn to is our Elkhorn, WI, dentist Dr. Ronald Hull. Do not ignore bleeding gums.

What causes bleeding gums?

The most common cause of bleeding gums is gingivitis. Since gingivitis can very quickly turn to gum disease it’s important that you turn to our Elkhorn, WI, general dentist for an evaluation. Through a physical examination and by painlessly measuring the pockets between the gums and the teeth we can determine whether you have gingivitis. Since gingivitis can be reversed with the proper treatment and care, the sooner you turn to us the better.

Of course, there are other reasons you may be dealing with bleeding gums. Other causes include,

  • Brushing too aggressively
  • Poorly fitted or improperly fitted dentures
  • Vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin C and vitamin K
  • Hormonal changes such as pregnancy
  • Having a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia
  • Taking blood thinner medication

How are bleeding gums addressed?

If your bleeding gums are due to gingivitis or gum disease, our Elkhorn, WI, dentist will work with you to step up your current oral hygiene practices. We will also show you how to properly brush and floss your teeth to keep teeth and gums healthy. We may also recommend a special antiseptic oral rinse to help remove plaque and bacteria from the gums between meals. Lastly, we may perform scaling and root planing, a deep dental cleaning that involves cleaning under the gumline and along the roots of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

If dentures are to blame, we can easily adjust your dentures to make sure that they provide a better and more comfortable fit that won’t irritate the gums. If you are on blood thinners or if you are pregnant or menopausal and dealing with bleeding gums, talk with our dental team about these conditions and how you can reduce bleeding.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, our Elkhorn, WI, family dentist Dr. Hull is here to help. Call our practice right away at (262) 723-2911 to schedule an immediate evaluation.

By Gentle Dental Care
June 07, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

Are you considering getting dental implants? You'll need the advice of your dentist, Dr. Ronald Hull of Gentle Dental Care, to determine if dental implants in Elkhorn, WI, are right for you.

Dental Implants: What Are They?

Dental implants look just like your natural teeth and they're a popular tooth replacement. Each implant comprises of the following three parts:

  • Crown
  • Abutment
  • Root

The root of your dental implant is made of titanium which is a biocompatible material making it less likely for your body to reject it. The crown of your dental implants is customized so that it perfectly resembles your remaining natural teeth. The crown screws onto the abutment which is the part of the metal root protruding above the gum line. Together, these parts make a strong tooth replacement prosthetic. 

What To Know Before Getting Your Dental Implants

First, your dentist, Dr. Hull, determines if you're a good candidate for a dental implant. This assessment will involve X-rays to determine if your jaw bone can carry your implants.

If you don't have excellent oral health, your dentist might need to address that first before you get dental implants in Elkhorn, WI. Oral health problems such as gum disease and gum recession can affect your dental implant's success.

You might need a bone graft if you've suffered some bone density loss following your tooth loss. Other health conditions such as diabetes which complicates healing might make your dentist suggest other tooth replacement options.

Dental Implants Installation

After your dentist certifies you ready for your dental implants, he will perform minor surgery to implant the metal root into your jaw. You'll need a few months for your new implant to heal and during this period, you'll have a temporary dental crown to protect it.

When you're fully healed and your dental implant root is secure, you can return to your dentist, Dr. Hull to get your custom-made dental crowns.

Want to know if you're an ideal candidate for dental implants in Elkhorn, WI? Call (262) 723-2911 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hull of Gentle Dental Care today.

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