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By Gentle Dental Care
December 23, 2019
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There is nothing greater than being able to maintain your own beautiful, natural smile.

Yes, there are a whole lot of rumors and myths still floating around about root canal therapy. One simple Google search can provide you with a wealth of information and misinformation, and if you’ve been told you need a root canal doing any kind of online search may leave you feeling nervous. Fortunately, our dentist in Elkhorn, WI, Dr. Ronald Hull, can quell your nerves.

Here’s what a root canal is can do for you:

It’s minimally invasive

While getting any kind of dental procedure can be enough to make you feel a little anxious, something that might help you feel less anxious is knowing that this procedure is minor and minimally invasive. It’s about as invasive as getting a dental filling, which is a very easy and simple procedure. Furthermore, our Elkhorn, WI, general dentist will thoroughly numb the area beforehand so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

It will save your tooth

Once a dental pulp becomes infected or irritated, the only way to stop the bacteria from spreading further into the canals of the tooth is to treat it with root canal therapy. If the tooth is left untreated, not only will its structure be destroyed, but it will also damage the jawbone and neighboring teeth, as well. This is why it’s so important to see your dentist at the first sign of dental pain or other issues. Getting a root canal will preserve the natural tooth structure.

It will get rid of your pain

An infected dental pulp can cause some pretty considerable dental pain, and root canal treatment can remove the source of the pain (i.e. the dental pulp), often providing the patient with immediate relief. Why suffer through a toothache when it’s an easy fix?

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Ronald W. Hull, D.D.S.

Dr. Hull is a Wisconsin native, and grew up in Walworth County. He went to UW-Whitewater , and then went to Marquette Dental School, where he graduated with honors.He has practiced in Elkhorn for over 30 years.

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