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By Gentle Dental Care
August 24, 2020
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Tooth loss can be a pain for anyone. It's embarrassing and hinders simple functions, like your ability to speak and eat. What partial dentures do is provide a cost-effective solution to restore function and appearance. Dr. Ronald Hull of Elkhorn, WI, provides his patients with partial dentures but before considering them, here are a few FAQs.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures consist of a pink or gum-colored plastic base with teeth attached to it. The oral appliance is custom made to fit over your gums and in your mouth for a refined look.

Do you need to have partial dentures adjusted?

Take your time getting your partial dentures adjusted to ensure dentures fit properly. This prevents bone and gum recession or shrink, and prevents soft-tissue irritation and sores.

What does it feel like to wear partial dentures?

It may feel awkward in the beginning to have something that seems bulky in your mouth until you're accustomed to wearing it. So take your time speaking with your Elkhorn dentist about any necessary adjustments until you get the right feel.

Wearing and removing your partial denture requires practice so let your dentist take the lead on instructions. Dentures should fit easily and never bite down to force the partial denture in place. This may break the denture.

What can I eat?

Partial dentures restore your ability to eat but start out by eating soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew on both sides of the mouth to even out pressure on both sides of your mouth and avoid sticky and hard foods.

Do partial dentures improve your speech?

Yes. Practice makes perfect, so if you have difficulty with certain words, say them out loud continuously until you get the hang of it.

How do you care for your dentures?

  1. Take off dentures over a sink with water to avoid dentures breaking if they fall.

  2. Use a denture cleaner recommended by the American Dental Association, not toothpaste because it can be too harsh on dentures.

  3. Brush the denture using a soft-bristled brush every day to remove food and plaque to avoid permanent staining.

  4. Don’t ingest denture cleansers and always thoroughly rinse the denture before wearing it.

Who should you call?

If you have questions or are interested in partial dentures, call Dr. Ronald Hull of Elkhorn, WI, at (262) 723-2911 today. Our office has a Multi-stage  HEPA air filter with Ulta- Violet C band light unit in the room with each chair to clean the air and remove Viruses and Bacteria for a safer visit.

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Dr. Hull is a Wisconsin native, and grew up in Walworth County. He went to UW-Whitewater , and then went to Marquette Dental School, where he graduated with honors.He has practiced in Elkhorn for over 30 years.

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