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By Gentle Dental Care
March 01, 2021
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Tooth extraction is a dental operation that seeks to remove a diseased, overcrowded, or otherwise damaged tooth. An extraction is usually the last resort a dentist will employ, mostly used for teeth that are beyond repair. Dr. Ronald Hull of Gentle Dental Care in Elkhorn, WI, can perform tooth extractions with a caring hand. Chances are you may need to remove some teeth in your lifetime. Chose an experienced dentist you can trust, like Dr. Hull. Discover below the situations when a tooth extraction is needed so you can plan with your dentist accordingly.

Reasons You Need a Tooth Extraction

Extractions are most commonly used for impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth that are overcrowding the mouth. Any healthy person could require a tooth extraction if their teeth are growing in and pushing the rest out. To prevent this overcrowding from ruining your smile your dentist might pull your tooth to ensure the health and stability of your other teeth.

Tooth extractions can also be used for teeth that are beyond repair. In cases where disease or infection has damaged the tooth to the point of no return, your Elkhorn dentist will have to surgically remove it to prevent further infection. For example, if an abscessed tooth becomes infected at the root, an extraction may be necessary if a root canal cannot be performed. It is especially likely to use extraction for patients who are prone to infection. It is better to professionally remove one tooth than to painfully lose all of your teeth.

What to know about Tooth Extractions

There are two main types of tooth extraction procedures, simple extraction, and surgical extraction. Simple extractions are used for teeth that are visible and only require local anesthesia. Surgical extractions are more complex and require stronger general anesthesia to reach a tooth that is not easily accessible. Talk with your dentist to be sure extraction is right for you. Although we all wish we can save our teeth, removing the problematic ones might be the best option available.

To prepare for an extraction make sure you follow the dentist's orders on eating and drinking before the procedure. Arrange for someone to drive you home safely. Also, prepare foods that can be easily consumed, do not eat anything too hot or cold as your mouth will be sensitive after surgery. There might be swelling and discomfort, but over-the-counter pain medication may reduce that. Know the facts before your dentist extracts your tooth.

If a tooth extraction is necessary, call Dr. Hull at (262) 723-2911. Dr. Hull is committed to serving you with compassion, call or visit Gentle Dental Care in Elkhorn, WI, today!

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